Soviet Stories: Layers of Reality

January 10, 2020 - May 7, 2022

The works in this exhibition reveal layers of meaning, context, and reality about life in the Soviet Union. Sometimes things are not as they appear. From the tenets of pure Marxist communism to the very real experiences of workers on collective farms, these works represent a variety of ideologies, experiences, and opinions emerging from 20th Century Eastern Europe. They invite each of us to consider our own notions and ideas with respect to industry, relationships, war, and even politics. Many voices factor into every work of art: the artist, the subject, the patron, and the viewer. Together these voices combine to tell the rich and complicated stories of the Soviet Union. 

Beginning March 1, 2022 the exhibition includes a section featuring Ukrainian artists from our Collection. 

This exhibition is now available as a virtual field trip. Request access HERE

painting of Lenin in winter attire sitting on a bench, talking to two children painting of a celebration (May Day) taking place in Red Square, Moscow painting of an artist in winter attire painting on an easel in the snow

Images: Valve Yukhanovna Yanov, Lenin's Children, 1964. Akhmed Abadullovich Kitaev, Miru Mir [Peace to the World] May Day, Red Square, 1964. Sergei Fedorovich Babkov, Portrait of the Artist Aleksandr Alekseevich Efimov, 1959.