Oct 18, 2017 - Jan 10, 2018

Thank you to all artists who entered the 32nd Annual Spiritual & Religious Art of Utah Exhibition! We had an above average number of entries this year, which resulted in a very competitive show. We had to turn away a greater percentage of works than usual. The jurors were impressed with the work they saw and especially by your thoughtful treatment of spiritual & religious themes. They wished there was more gallery space so they could include more of your works in the exhibition. Thank you for sharing your art with us and with the public! 

The SMA invites all Utah artists to enter this exhibition which celebrates the diversity of religious experience and belief in our community. Using different media to express these ideas artists create works which will engage and inspire viewers to contemplate and reflect on the vibrant spiritual traditions we share. 

Important Dates 

September 1, 2017
Online entry form available -- CLICK HERE

September 26, 2017 - Saturday September 30, 2017, 10:00am – 5:00pm
Taking in artwork for exhibition during SMA administrative hours

Friday October 6, 2017 (before 5:00pm)  
List of accepted works posted online

Wednesday October 18, 2017
Exhibition Opens
*Opening Reception and Artists in Conversation, 6:00 – 8:00pm

Thursday October 19, 2017 - Saturday October 21, 2017
First artwork pickup period
*if you’d like to pickup your work outside of the designated pickup period an appointment must be made with the curatorial staff by emailing elarsen@springville.org

Wednesday November 8, 2017, 6:00-8:00pm
SMA unframed: Conversations About Sacred Spaces
Join us for an evening of dialogue and exploration into the practice and symbolism of religious art. An introduction to sacred space archetypes and history will be followed by breakout roundtable discussions with religious scholars, students, artists and the public

Wednesday January 10, 2018 
Closing date of exhibition

Thursday January 11, 2018 - Saturday January 13, 2018, 10:00am – 5:00pm 
Second artwork pickup period
*If you’d like to pickup your work outside of the designated pickup period an appointment must be made with the curatorial staff by emailing elarsen@springville.org

Eligibility and Requirements

All Utah artists are eligible to participate in this annual exhibition of spiritual and religious fine art. Artists may submit one or two works of any medium or style of visual art produced in the last 3 years. All works must be original in conception and execution. Artwork must be prepared securely for display and cannot exceed 11 feet on its largest dimension. Works that hang on a wall cannot exceed 9 feet in height. All participating artists must agree to the Conditions of Entry and the Art Pickup Policy listed on this page. All work exhibited must comply with the SMA Community Standards policy. The Community Standards can be found here.

Entry Information

Original artwork must be received at the Springville Museum of Art September 26-30, 2017 during Museum Administrative Hours (10am-5pm). No entry fee will be charged. Any digital media that is submitted must be accompanied with the necessary hardware and technology to exhibit the work. Online Entry Forms should be completed before 9:00am on the day that you plan to bring your work to the Museum. These Online Entry Forms may be found on the Upcoming Exhibitions section of our website: www.smofa.org. Artist Statements and label information should be included with this Online Entry Form. The Museum encourages a diversity of beliefs and religions represented; if you have any questions about what kind of work may be submitted, please contact the Museum.

Artist’s Statement

The Springville Museum of Art requests that each artist include an “Artist’s Statement” about their work with each entry submitted. Please keep statements between 25 words minimum and 100 words maximum. Artists will be able to electronically submit their statement at the time they complete the Online Entry Form and it may be used in the jury process. Those statements submitted electronically may be reproduced on labels for display. 

Insurance Policy

SMA’s insurance policy insures artwork on loan (except for high risk art) for the "fair market value" of the artwork, not necessarily the sales price of the piece.  The "fair market value" is subject to an appraisal by a professional appraiser or art consultant, as determined by SMA’s insurance carrier.  All works accepted for the exhibition will be insured through January 14, 2018, also for the fair market value. Frames and pedestals will not be insured for damage.
High Risk Art: (If you are not sure if your work falls in this category, please talk with SMA staff when you submit your piece):

  • Paintings that are still wet or soft beneath the paint skin
  • Any unframed works of art or works of art whose surface extends beyond and in front of the frame
  • Works of art with previous condition problems
  • Particularly fragile artworks, mixed media, installation, multi -part or assemblage works, glass, ceramic, plaster, exposed paper, etc.
  • Poorly prepared pieces and frames (faulty wires, screw eyes, clips, etc.)
  • Works of art behind regular silica glass (Pastels may be behind silica glass and be insured. Other works must be behind Plexiglas.)
  • Artworks with exposed backs or simple paper backing (To be insured, works of art on canvas must have the back of the stretcher-bar covered by cardboard, foam core, etc., to protect the canvas.)
  • Artwork that requires special handling provisions


All artists will be asked to sign a Release Agreement upon entry which affirms that they are the owner of the artwork being entered into the show. The artist will also (1) expressly waive any and all claims or causes of action that he or she has or may have in the future against SMA and Springville City arising from or in connection with the Exhibition and (2) agree to indemnify SMA and Springville City for any damages caused by artist and artist’s artwork and actions.

Jury Process

This exhibition will be juried in conjunction with the SMA curatorial staff. 


Scott Higginson is an art lover, art collector, and art dealer. He works as an art consultant  Scott and his wife, Cindy, are the parents of four children, six grandchildren and live in Mesa, Arizona. He graduated from BYU in 1980 with degrees in Journalism and Political Science. After a brief stint living in Washington, DC., they returned to the west living in Las Vegas, Nevada prior to moving to Mesa in 2000. 

About his interest in art & spirituality he has said: "I have always been fascinated by the creative process. I love observing creation in all forms. I believe there is a real spiritual dimension to creativity. That spark, whether it’s the urge to paint, dance, write, sing, cook, knit, invent, construct, garden or any other expression of self, comes from a non-physical, non-mortal part of our being. It’s source is spiritual and each of us express it differently. Then, somehow, there’s the magic of connecting this internal inspiration to our arms, hands and fingers in the very physical act of painting and creating an actual piece of art. It really is amazing when you think about it. So, my attraction to the arts is rooted in fascination." 


A list of accepted work will be posted on the 32nd Annual Spiritual & Religious Art of Utah webpage of the smofa.org website on Friday October 6, 2017. Award winners will be notified via email before the opening reception, where the award winners will be announced publicly. 

Art Pickup Policy

All artwork will be considered on temporary loan to the Springville Museum of Art (SMA) from date of entry, through the duration of the exhibition, until final pickup date listed below. Due to increased numbers of art submissions, artists must pick up all pieces from the Museum within the time frame specified here: 

  • Thursday October 19, 2017 -Saturday October 21, 2017, 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Thursday January 11, 2018 - Saturday January 13, 2018, 10:00am – 5:00pm

Upon entering the show, the artist or representative acknowledges that any works not picked up by the dates specified above will be subject to a storage fee of $5/day. Artwork picked up between these dates will be subject to a $5 handling fee.  *Any exceptions to these dates must be arranged in advance with SMA Curatorial Staff by emailing elarsen@springville.org. Storage and Handling fees will be waived if arrangements are made in advance with the SMA curatorial staff. .After six months, any unclaimed artworks may be divested as SMA sees fit. Only the artist and those listed on the Online Entry Form as “Persons approved to pick up work” may take any art from the Museum.

Exhibition Events

Opening Reception and Artists in Conversation
Wednesday October 18, 2017, 6:00-8:00pm
All submitting artists are invited to attend this public opening event of the exhibition. Accepted artists should come prepared to engage with public and answer questions regarding their work. Award-winning works will be announced at this event.

SMA unframed: Conversations About Sacred Spaces
Wednesday November 8, 2017, 6:00-8:00pm
Join us for an evening of dialogue and exploration into the practice and symbolism of religious art. An introduction to sacred space archetypes and history will be followed by breakout roundtable discussions with religious scholars, students, artists and the public. 

Awards, Purchases, and Sales

Artworks from the exhibition will be selected for cash and/or purchase awards. Awards are determined by jurors and curators. SMA retains a 30% commission on all art sales during the exhibition. Please price your work accordingly, coordinating with galleries if necessary. SMA staff will not set prices for artists. Prices cannot be changed after works have been dropped off and entry forms signed.

1st Place Award - $1000.00

2nd Place Award - $750.00

3rd Place Award - $500.00

(6) Awards of Merit - $100.00 each

Honorable Mentions - no cash prize 

Additional Questions?

Contact SMA’s Curatorial Staff at elarsen@springville.org or 801-491-5702