November 16, 2016 - August 5, 2017

In  contemporary artistic practice, an increasing number of artists strive to emulate the serene harmonies and mathematical order championed in antiquity. Commonly referred to as the Classical Tradition, these principles inspire artists to seek for perfection in form and theory through an ongoing observation, study, and execution of these time-honored ideals. 

Featuring Work By: Brock Alius, Robert Baird, Robert T. Barrett, Wulf Barsch, Cheryl Betenson, Joseph Brickey, Ryan Brown, Brendan Clary, Niki Covington, Lee Cowan, Deon Duncan, Jenny Elizabeth, Mark B. Goodson, Kathryn Gessel, David Gould, Michael Aaron Hall, Adam Hansen, Aaron Brent Harker, Lloyd Knowles, Justin Kunz, Katie Liddiard, David Lindsley, Howard Lyon, Michael Malm, Erin Morton, Mark Pugh, Lovetta Reyes-Cairo, J. Kirk Richards, Mary Sauer, Tyson Snow, Meghan Sours, Corey Strange, Tyler Swain, Jennifer Polley Thompson, Leroy Transfield, Carel Pieter Brest van Kempen, Kraig Varner, William Whitaker, Dan Wilson, Kent Wing, Rebecca Woodward, Ashton Young, and Elspeth Young.

Image: Joseph Brickey, Exlatus (Maquette), 2016