Student Curators

This teacher resource outlines the process of exhibition production for students.  Classes can use this curriculum to create an exhibition from start to finish. Students will have the opportunity to take on job roles based on work done in professional galleries and museums.  Your students will have opportunities to be creative and innovative, take leadership roles, and practice collaboration, critique, and compromise while also aiding in their own work as artists, learners, and people.


  • Resource Guide - The Resource Guide includes job duties, templates, and suggested timeline.  This guide covers what your students will need to do to complete their exhibition.  
  • Lesson Plans - These lesson plans introduce the students to the major roles with developing and mounting an exhibition, an clarify the distinction between artistic philosophy statements, artist statements about individual works of art, and thesis statements summarizing a larger body of work.
  • Videos - These instructional videos give an overview of the Student Curators curriculum.  We've included a "How it Works" video, interviews with museum professionals, and advice from teachers in our pilot program.  

This resource is made available by the Professional Outreach Programs in the Schools (POPS) with funding from the Utah State Legislature through the Utah State Board of Education (USBE).

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