FAQ - Education

School Outreach

Q. What is "Art Talks?" Art Talks is an educational outreach program where art educators travel to Utah schools, presenting posters and prints of artwork to teach students and teachers. Students participate in gallery and studio experiences while teachers and administrators learn how to integrate artistic resources into their curriculum.  

Q. How do I schedule Art Talks to come to my school? Call 801-491-5709 or email Cabilez@springville.org. We can help you schedule Art Talks for your school and answer any questions you have about the program. 

Q. After I schedule Art Talks for my school, how do I make the schedule for the day? If you have already scheduled Art Talks to come to your school, speak to the Museum education staff. We can email you a sample copy of a schedule. 

Teacher Resources

Q. When are the Evenings for Educators? Evenings for Educators are held on average once a month during the academic year. To see the dates and locations of upcoming Evenings for Educators, check online or call the Museum. 

Q. Are there ever any education events scheduled for outside the Wasatch Front? The Art Talks program travels all over the state at no cost to the school. You may request Art Talks at your school by calling 801-491-5709 or emailing Cabilez@springville.org The Evenings for Educators are scheduled most frequently within the Wasatch Range, but we are happy to support events in more remote regions of the state. If you are interested in organizing and hosting an Evening for Educators in your area, contact the Museum. 

Q. How can I get credit for Evenings for Educators? The Evening for Educators program provides opportunities for teachers to receive professional development USBE credits. Teachers can earn one USBE credit, or the equivalent of eighteen re-certification points, if they do the following: (1) register online at usoe.truenorthlogic.com, (2)  attend five Evenings for Educators in one year, (3) complete a field test, (4) and return the  field test (along with any necessary materials like rubrics and examples of student work) to the Museum.

Q. How do I find out what posters are available for my school? Speak to your librarian or media center supervisor about what posters your school already owns. The Museum has all education posters available for free for educators. To find out what posters are available, check online or contact the Museum's education department with your request here.

Q. What is SWAP? StateWide Art Partnership (SWAP) is a collaboration between the Museum, the Utah State Office of Education, the state legislature, and Utah school districts to establish the visual arts as an integral part of the curriculum in Utah schools. This is accomplished through the following programs: Evening for Educators, Art Talks, and educational materials made available to teachers, students, and the public.  

Q. Why is the StateWide Art Partnership based at the Springville Museum of Art? The StateWide Art Partnership began as a grass roots campaign in the Nebo School District. Many of the early educators who were involved in the early days of SWAP worked at the Museum. Although the Museum is the hub of SWAP, there are many other organizations involved in SWAP's programs. 

Q. How do I schedule a tour? You may schedule a tour by submitting a request or calling the Museum at 801-491-5713. Tours must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. We may not be able to accommodate exceptionally large groups on docent-led tours. 

Q. How do I become a docent? Please submit a volunteer application. Docents commit to attending trainings, participate for at least one year, and be available to give at least one, one-hour tour per week. For more information on becoming a docent, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at BMatthews@springville.org or 801-491-5707.

Community Programs

Q. What is Open Studio? Throughout the year, the Museum will open our studio space with various supplies for art projects, inspired by the Museum's permanent collection. Supplies are available from 10am-4pm. Learn more here

Q. Does the Museum offer any art classes for children or adults? There are hands-on workshops at the Evenings for Educators. The Museum also offers summer art classes for children and other art programming. Check our website or talk to a Museum staff member for more information.