Art Talks

Through our free Art Talks program, our Museum Educators can now visit your classroom in person!  The following programs are available for the 2023-2024 school year:


  • Elementary School Program (1st-6th Grade)
    • Studio Experience - This is a art-making experience that focuses on drawing people.  Tuesday-Thursday a Museum Educator will teach your class. Students will be able to learn new figure drawing skills by observing and discussing works of art from our Permanent Collection.

        • Students will need: A pencil and a piece of paper

        EVERY teacher (1st-6th grade) is invited to participate in this program. Our Studio Program incorporates Utah Core Standards and is offered for free under the direction of  the Utah State Board of Education (USBE).

      • Professional Development - This is a 30 minute discussion for K-12 teachers exploring how to use art in the classroom. We model Visual Thinking Strategies that can be adapted into various subjects. Teachers leave with more tools to integrate art into the classroom. 

        • To schedule a Professional Development session, please email Outreach Coordinator.

    Below are the other programs we typically offer during the school year:

    • 3rd-6th Grade: Kid Curators - The Kid Curators program uses Visual and Language Arts core standards to reinforce the "main idea," while learning how to curate an exhibition. Students work in groups using images from the Museum’s permanent collection to craft their own art show, using their own main idea and using images of art from the Museum's permanent collection as supporting ideas. This 3-6 grade program is held in a classroom and lasts approximately fifty minutes for each class of twenty to thirty students.

    • Middle School/Junior High Program: Your Community This program focuses on community, why classroom communities are important, and how being a unique individual helps to make a community stronger. Through the exploration of artwork from the Museum’s permanent collection, students will discuss diverse communities found in art, play relevant community-building games, and create a class community quilt. A pre-visit packet (given to teachers upon scheduling a date) provides activities for arts integration before and after the Art Talks presentation.


    • High School Program: Careers in Museums- This program can be presented in a Career Day setting and is available upon request.

      For more information, contact our Outreach Coordinator:

      Caley Abilez


      Art Talks is funded by the Utah State Legislature through Professional Outreach Programs in the Schools (POPS) under the direction of the Utah State Board of Education (USBE).