Virtual Museum Field Trips

The Springville Museum of Art now offers virtual field trips for school, community, and church groups of all ages. These interactive virtual experiences allow visitors and students to navigate the galleries, click on artworks they are interested in, see artworks close up, and read label information.  Choose between a self-guided option or book a live Zoom session with one of our Museum docents or educators. Resources linked below give teachers the skills and information necessary to lead tours and discussions of the exhibitions with their students. 

Requests for virtual field trips will receive responses and access to the field trips within two business days of submitting the request. If you are requesting a live Zoom session with a Museum docent please put your request in as early as possible, preferably with at least 2 weeks notice. 

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Tour Information

Groups may participate in our free, virtual tours by filling out our tour request form. Choose one of our Permanent Collection exhibitions: 

Grand Ambitions: Utah artists have always been ambitious. They studied abroad, created monumental works, and pushed the boundaries of Utah art and creation. This exhibition celebrates the grand ambitions, interests, and aims of our Utah artists from the nineteenth century to the present day. 

Soviet Stories: Layers of Reality: The works in this exhibition reveal layers of meaning, context, and reality about life in the Soviet Union. 

In Sight, Out of Mind: Though we are constantly surrounded by the environment, it is easy to overlook. Through their artwork the Utah artists in this exhibition force us to consider our environmental oversights.  Their work brings to focus forgotten landscapes, surprising juxtapositions, and the impact of human activity, probing the viewer to examine their relationship to the world around them.

From Student to Studio: In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Annual Utah All-State high School Art Show, the Museum invited back former participants who have since established a career working in the arts. This exhibition emphasizes the impact of arts education and professional art experiences in the lives of students and showcases a wide variety of styles and mediums. 

Round Up: This exhibition celebrates and examines the icons and ideals that shape ongoing visions of the American West.

Contemporary Voices: This exhibition celebrates the work and voices of a selection of contemporary Native Utah artists, illustrating the vibrancy of artmaking and creativity in Utah's Native communities.

Mixed Reviews: Following WWII, Utah's art community debated the role and merit of Modern Art. In this exhibition we've recreated the world of mid-century Utah art, showing artworks by both traditional and modern artists working in Utah c1946-1960, offering you the opportunity to be the judge -- what is good art? 

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K-12 Resources 

Click the links below to find grade appropriate activities and resources to use to help facilitate your virtual field trip:

Grade K-2 Resources

Grade 3-5 Resources

Grade 6-8 Resources

Grade 9-12 Resources

4th Grade Utah Studies Field Trip Guide


Video 1: Welcome and Introduction to Museum Tours

Join Director Dr. Rita R. Wright as she welcomes you to the Springville Museum of Art's virtual exhibitions and galleries and gives an introduction to leading Museum tours.

Video 2: How to Structure Your Tour

Emily Larsen, Head of Exhibitions and Programs at the Springville Museum of Art, explains how to structure and organize your Museum tour.

Video 3: Inquiry Based Tours and How to Ask Good Questions

Maddison Morgan, Springville Museum of Art Tour and Volunteer Coordinator, and Michelle Gardner, a Museum Docent, explain how to lead an inquiry-based tour, using questions to facilitate a discussion. They discuss how to ask effective questions and tips for engaging students and visitors.

Video 4: Visual Thinking Strategies and Tips for Engagement

Dr. Rita Wright, Museum Director, and Emily Larsen, Head of Exhibitions and Programs, explain a questioning method called "Visual Thinking Strategies" and give additional tips on how to engage your students in the Museum's galleries or virtual exhibitions.