Help us Grow our Permanent Collection

If you are looking to sell or donate works of art to the Springville Museum of Art please email with images and the following information: artist, title, creation date, medium, dimensions, provenance (history of ownership), and description. If offered for sale, please indicate a sale price.

Works offered to the Museum for sale or donation are presented to the Museum’s Collection Committee for decisions on acceptance or refusal. The Committee considers the relevance of the piece to the Museum’s collection and the cost of storage, conservation, and ongoing care. Because of our collecting policies, limited storage space and staff the Museum cannot accept everything offered for donation. After initial acceptance by the Collections Committee, works of art are presented to the Museum’s Board of Trustees for final vote and acceptance. This process can take 1-3 months. Please email with any questions.

To be considered for donation in a calendar year, offers of donation must be received by NOVEMBER 30th of that year. 

During the year 2020, the Museum will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment by setting a goal to bring 20 works by female artists into our permanent collection. We are actively seeking donations of artworks by the following artists in order to grow and diversify our Utah Art Collection:

  • Bessie Bancroft
  • Dorothy Bearnson
  • Ruby Chacon
  • LuDeen Christensen
  • Louise Richards Farnsworth
  • Rose Hartwell
  • Jann Haworth
  • Marie Gorlinski Hughes
  • Mary Kimball Johnson
  • Sarah Ann Burbage Long
  • Edith Maguire
  • Vere Matthews
  • Elaine Michelsen
  • Rena Olsen
  • Myra Sawyer
  • Mary Teasdel
  • Minerva Teichert
  • Gertrude Teusch
  • Leigh Block Turner
  • Caroline Van Evera
  • Nineteenth and early-twentieth century women artists